What Liverpool fans should know about Dominique Sobersley’s playing style and strengths

19 July 2023 - 3:07 am


Liverpool have signed Brighton midfielder Alexis McAllister in one of the best deals of the summer. Only £35 million Because of the release clause, a much-needed player was brought in who was the best player in the league at any position last season.

Now, the Reds have brought in another top midfielder who was one of the best players in the league last season, taking further advantage of the understanding clause.

This time, though, Liverpool will have to pay more. They decided to meet the release clause of 70 million euros For RB Leipzig star Dominic Sobersley, he paid dearly for the 22-year-old, who is already one of the best players in the world to influence the final scoreline of a game.

Here are some things Liverpool fans should know about the talented young attacker. He is indeed a player that fans should be happy to see him at Cope Field next season. There is no better No.10 in modern football than the Hungary international, especially after his huge progress in 2022/23.

world class technology

Dominik Szoboszlai is perhaps best known for his brilliant long-range shots. The Hungary international has scored 12 goals in the past two Bundesliga seasons, many of them cleverly scored from well beyond range.

This gives the U23 standout the ability to change a game from scratch, picking up points at the top of the table even in a difficult game where the team is at a disadvantage in the game. It also forces defenses to be honest with him; they need to shut down any possible shooting options. This frees up passing options for Sobosley, who has also dished out 16 assists over the past two seasons, to take advantage of the space that opens up for his teammates.

Sobosley tends to employ a shooting technique that favors power and ‘opposite’ turns, often with cross passes. This is important for two reasons.

Firstly, it means that he can shoot from the middle without having to aim too far from the goalkeeper, as the ball only needs a slight deflection. Even better, the speed of the pass often beats the goalie. Even if they could get the glove on, it’s unlikely they’ll have the strength to parry it, especially since his shot is quick and quick.

Secondly, it also means that despite being a right-footed player, he can shoot from the right side of the pitch. Most players are right-footed, so space in the left half is at a premium. However, since Sobosle can score goals from the right, that’s why he can play as a reverse right-winger for RB Leipzig and still score quite a few goals.

More like a playmaker than a CM

With more than two key passes per game, Dominic Sobersley was one of the best chance creators in the Bundesliga last season, using his technical flair, highlighted in highlights, to transform the game from distance. Leipzig’s game in the attacking third. a provider.

Sobosle will start most of the 2022/23 season as Leipzig’s central midfielder, although he has also started a fair amount of games as a right-wing attacker. He has started on the left in a few games, but rarely as a true midfielder in the starting XI.

Therefore, Sobosley does not appear to be suitable as a midfielder in a traditional 4-3-3 formation, which includes a wide midfielder and a lone holding midfielder. He will be used as a central attacking midfielder with a double holding midfielder behind him or in unbalanced formations where one of the midfielders pulls wide and/or stays behind and he will then play from a more central position The offensive zone begins.

Jurgen Klopp can go in many directions, but Sobosle is another attacking midfielder like Cody Gakpo, although he is more adept at moving in formation than the Dutch striker. Starter on the right. As for comparing him to Mike Allister, the ex-Brighton star is a better all-round ball handler and progressor, so Sobosleby, already a playmaker for the Argentine, is more like that. A CAM type.

encouraging leap

The most impressive thing about Sobersley in the 2022/23 Bundesliga season is his physical improvement. Sobosley has actually produced the same number of goals and assists as he did in his first season at the club, but his ability as a creator has improved significantly, especially in one-on-one matches.

Sobersley is stronger, faster and more agile. Clearly, he is taking strength training and conditioning seriously to become a stronger athlete, which in turn will help him perform different functions in a team like Liverpool. During his time at RB Leipzig, he was better on the wing than in his first season, improving his dribbles per game from a subpar 0.6 to an excellent 1.7.

On top of that, Sobosley’s defensive contribution has increased significantly to 1.5 tackles per game, adding 0.5 interceptions per game. So while he is a playmaker rather than a true midfielder, his willingness to press and increasing efficiency in this area of ​​the game allow him to function as a playmaker in the modern game. Most No. 10s have disappeared in football these days as the role has done so much damage to a team’s defensive structure, but at 22 Sobosley has improved rapidly to match the demands of the times.

Ever since Ralf Rangnick laid the foundation for RB Leipzig, the club has pressed and countered oppression in fabled style of modern German football. Under Marco Rose, that hasn’t changed at all. With Klopp as his next manager, Sobersley has the tools to become a star in Liverpool’s squad. Of course, he is improving and working hard physically and mentally, which bodes well for his future in the Premier League.