Inter Miami vs Nashville in the American League: Everything you want to know

30 August 2023 - 11:39 pm

Argentina coach Tata Martino confirmed the expected lineup for Inter Miami against Nashville in East Asia.

Inter Miami will host Nashville FC at Drive Pink Stadium in the early hours of Thursday morning, August 31, as part of the Eastern Group matches in the American League Championship Series.

Inter Miami expected lineup

The expected formation of the Inter Miami team against Nashville in the American League, witnesses Argentina coach Tata Martino relying on Argentine legend Lionel Messi to lead the team’s attack line.

He will play behind Argentine legend Lionel Messi in Inter Miami’s American League match against Nashville, with Benjamin Kremarski, the great Spanish star Sergio Busquets, and the midfield trio led by Gian Motta.

The Inter Miami team, led by Argentine legend Messi, is expected to succeed in the American League match against Nashville, and in order to succeed, the defense must be very strong, so the coach will rely on DeAndre Yared, Lin, Serge Krivistov, and Kamal Miller. and Jordi Alba.

Goalkeeper: Derek Callender

Defensive line: DeAndre Yedlin – Sergey Kristoff – Kamal Miller – Jordi Alba.

Midfield: Benjamin Kremaski – Sergio Busquets – Gian Motta

Offensive line: Lionel Messi – Robert Taylor – Ivan Martinez

Inter Miami and Nashville match dates

The match between Inter Miami and Nashville in the Eastern Group of the American League Championship will be held on Thursday at 2:30 am, corresponding to August 31, Cairo time, 2:30 Mecca time, and 3 am US time. United Arab Emirates, thirty marks.