Chelsea vs Wrexham in a friendly match: Everything you want to know

20 July 2023 - 2:58 am

On our website, we show you, in some of the following lines, the date of the first football team match between Chelsea and Wrexham, and the friendly channels.

What time is the Chelsea-Wrexham friendly match, and what is the carrier channel?

The first football team, Chelsea, will meet its counterpart, Wrexham, tomorrow morning.

Thursday, corresponding to the twentieth of July, in a friendly match, in preparation for the start of the new season.

The referee blows the whistle at the start of the Chelsea-Wrexham match, at exactly two thirty in Cairo and Saudi Arabia at three thirty in Abu Dhabi time, and the UAE at twelve thirty in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco time.

What are the channels that broadcast the friendly match between Chelsea and Wrexham?

The events of the Chelsea-Wrexham friendly match will be transmitted through the Saudi Sports Channel Group, the only and exclusive broadcaster of the match in the Middle East and North Africa, which you can tune through the following frequencies:

SSC Saudi Sports Channel

• Satellite: Nilesat.
• Channel frequency: 12523.
• Polarization: horizontal.
Coding rate: 27500.
Error correction coefficient: 3/4.

The frequency of the Saudi sports channel, ssc sports, via the Arabsat satellite:

• Satellite: Arabsat.
• Channel frequency: 11747.
• Polarization: Vertical.
Coding rate: 27500.
Error correction coefficient: 5/6.