The 10 most expensive Premier League transfers in January (2024)

8 February 2024 - 4:29 am

England’s top flight has become synonymous with transfer window spending, but that’s not the case in January. Spending for the month was just under £100m, the lowest level since 2021, when just £84m was spent.

That’s just a drop in the ocean compared to the £780m it took in January last year, as teams appear to be leaning towards a more restrained approach. Some of this could be down to Financial Fair Play, with rules starting to put pressure on teams, but it could also depend on how tough the winter market works.

Still, Premier League teams have completed some major deals that could determine how some teams end the season. With that said, here are the ten most expensive deals that revealed fees in January.

The most expensive January transfer fees in the Premier League (2024)

10 – Joe Gauci – £1.3m.

Joe Gossi
Go to: Aston Villa
From: Adelaide United
Position: Goalkeeper

9 – Daiki Hashioka – £1.7m

Hashioka tree
Go to: Luton Town
From: Sint-Truidense V.V.
Position: Right back

8 – Haakon Raffen Valdimasson – £2.6m

Haakon Raffen Valdimasson
Go to: Brentford
From: Elfsburg
Position: Goalkeeper

7 – Mats Sayers – £5m

Mats Sayers
Go to: Nottingham Forest
Departure point: Strasbourg
Position: Goalkeeper

6 – Valentin Barco – £7.9m

Valentin Balko
Go to: Brighton and Hove Albion
From: Boca Juniors
Position: Left back

5 – Morgan Rogers – £8m

Morgan Rogers
Go to: Aston Villa
From: Middlesbrough
Position: Attacking midfielder, forward

4 – Daniel Munoz – £8.5m

Daniel Munoz
Go to: Crystal Palace
From: Henke
Position: Right back

3 – Claudio Echeverri – £12.5m

Claudio Echeverri
Go to: Manchester City
From: riverbed
Position: Midfielder

2 – Adam Walton – £22m

Adam Walton
Go to: Crystal Palace
From: Blackburn Rovers
Position: Midfielder

1 – Radu Ragousin – £26.7m

Radu Dragusin
Go to: Tottenham Hotspur
From: Genoa
Position: Central defender