Steve Nicol hits back at what he’s heard about Liverpool star Jordan Henderson

19 July 2023 - 3:10 am

European football expert and French journalist Julien Laurens claims he is “not a fan of the 33-year-old” and that it is “impossible” for him to get “everything” if Steven Gerrard joins. £700,000 a week” for coaching in the Saudi professional league.

The Liverpool legend wants to bring Jordan Henderson to Eitifak, with the club and the player himself now having a big decision to make.

But another Anfield hero, Nicol, told ESPN that Liverpool might never have won the Premier League and Champions League under Jurgen Klopp without their tough midfield.

The England international sits at the heart of midfield and has carried the team forward and through difficult times over the years.

That’s why Klopp handed him the captain’s armband, as Nicol has not been subject to any verbal attacks on the player amid discussions about a possible move to Saudi Arabia.

“I’m not a fan, and I’m not going to lie,” Lawrence said. “I like the leadership and I like the guy. I think he can thank Steven Gerrard very much because if Steven Gerrard doesn’t go there as a manager, then they can’t be there for Jordan. • Henderson offered £700,000-a-week.

“Have they seen Jordan Henderson play football? £700,000 a week!? Have they seen him play? I mean, come on!?”

“Jules, Jules, I tell you, this is brutal,” Nicole told Genesis. “Come on, he’s not Messi. That’s not my argument. My argument is what he did for Liverpool. Not everyone can be as silky as Messi, and not everyone can score goals like Messi …but there are all sorts of pieces to this puzzle.

“Liverpool probably wouldn’t have won the Premier League or the Champions League without Jordan Henderson. I think you’ve been tough on him. But thank you Steven Gerrard, you’re right.”

Henderson leaves

If this is the end of Henderson’s path then he will be leaving a club legend and one of their greatest ever captains.

What will be missed the most is not what happened on the pitch but what he provided in practice and what he did in the locker room.

With James Milner also leaving this summer, then Klopp could lose two important figures from his dressing room, and while one was planned, the other certainly wasn’t.