Everton kick off pre-season with Switzerland win

18 July 2023 - 11:33 pm


Everton secured victory with a 2-1 win at the Nyone Stadium in Switzerland on Friday night in their pre-season opener.

A second-half goal from Katia Kouyat gave the Blues a 1-0 lead before Neil Maupay scored from the penalty spot shortly after.

The hosts then closed the gap, with Dylan Dugoud’s volley flying into the top corner, but the Swiss opponents were unable to find a second and the Blues pulled away with a well-deserved victory on arrival at Lake Geneva Prelude to the preseason. Monday training camp.

Both teams have plenty of bench players, and Dyche’s roster has a mix of experienced players and young prospects.

After spending the second half of last season on loan at Preston North End, Tom Cannon had his chance to catch the attention of manager Sean Dyche, playing in a 4-4-2 Started in a two-man offense with Neal Maupay. .

The academy graduate had his first chance of the game in the 9th minute, a sharp pass from Nathan Patterson put him clean, but he entered the box and shot just wide of the far post .

Cannon was back in the game a short time later, exchanging passes with Maupay and eventually Dwight McNeil rounded Nyon keeper Edin Omeragic, after being blocked by the home defender. , deflecting a shot a few inches wide.

McNeil was close again half an hour ago. Alex Iwobi’s quick thinking allowed Maupay to drive into acres of space from the right and slide past the goal inches from goal.

A minute later, with the Blues close to 1-0, McNeil eased his way through midfield, twisting and dangling past three opponents, before tipping his shot over the bar from 12 yards in hopes of a fine one-man sprint.

A couple of Nyones shots from distance failed to cause trouble for Joao Virginia, and Everton once again missed a chance to take the lead at the end of the first half.

Maupay found more space in the box and passed to McNeil, who set the ball up for Cannon, with the 20-year-old firing over the bar when positioned properly.

Dyche made five substitutions at the start of the second half. Kouyat, Adulaye Dukoure, Mackenzie Hunt, Francis Okonkovo ​​and Tyler Onyango all played.

Virginia acted immediately and had to react quickly to a long pass through Everton’s defense. The young keeper made a powerful save to level the score.

A few minutes into the game, Dukure almost opened the scoring. Okolonkovo’s pass was deftly blocked by Maupay and the ball fell to the Blues’ Mali midfielder, who fired first and forced Omeragic to make a save.

The hosts gained some possession after a hectic start to the first half, but the Toffees were yet to be in trouble.

Michael Keane threatened again, slipping onto the pitch and launching an ambitious attack towards the end of the game. However, the ball went wide of the left post.

It wasn’t long before the Blues took the lead in 61 gamesYingshi Minutes across Kouyat. Iwobi’s beautiful touch took the ball to the right, he floated towards the center edge of the box, and then passed the ball to Kouyate.

The exciting Under-21 winger touched the ball before pushing it past the keeper at the near post.

The 19-year-old staged an acrobatic celebration as he somersaulted to the corner flag as the away fans cheered an impressive opener.

As they did earlier in the first half, Nyong Nais responded deftly with a strong possession display, but, 10 minutes after the first goal, Everton scored again – and it was The second time was at the penalty spot.

Iwobi was involved again, sending a through ball to Okonkovo, who turned inside the box only to be fouled by the pressing defender.

Maupay took the penalty and the Frenchman calmly fired it straight into the middle of the pitch as Everton doubled their lead.

Six minutes later Omeragic forced a save from long-range from the under-21s’ versatile left-winger Hunter.

It was one of the few chances for both sides as the pace of the game slowed and Everton lost intensity after their second goal and were punished by Nyonnais in the 81st minute.

A low pass from the right wing was blocked by Hunter and the ball bounced into the air. Ducourt cut the deficit in half with his first shot into the top corner.

Any threat of a comeback quickly evaporated as the game drew to a close, with neither side threatening to change the score.

Kouyat’s charge from the left flank showed his skill and work rate, which typified his performance, as he led the Blues up the pitch before winning a free-kick.

The final whistle sounded seconds later to signal the end of the game; Dyche and his team got off to a winning start in the preseason.