Al-Nasr vs Zamalek in the King Salman Club Cup: Everything you want to know

3 August 2023 - 6:34 pm

Saudi newspapers commented on the upcoming match between Zamalek – Saudi Arabia, in the third and final round of the group stage in the Arab Championship.

Zamalek’s confrontation with Nasr Al-Saudi will decide the fate of the Arab Championship qualifiers from Group C to the quarter-finals, as the confrontation will start at six o’clock on Thursday evening at King Fahd Stadium.

What did the Saudi newspapers say before the Zamalek match and the victory of Saudi Arabia?

On the 24th of this month, Cairo reviewed the Saudi newspaper’s comment on the decisive Zamalek match with the Saudi victory, which will be held in Taif this Thursday evening, as follows:

Sports: A rift between Al-Nasr and Zamalek

The Saudi newspaper, Athletic, described the match as heartbreaking between Al-Nasr and Zamalek, stressing the importance of the match, as the two teams were afraid of reaching the quarter-finals of the Arab Championship.

Riyadh: Al-Nasr and Zamalek are at a crossroads

And Saudi women athletes say that all eyes will turn to King Fahd Stadium, after the struggle of Zamalek and victory over one of the two tickets that qualified for the quarter-finals of the Arab Championship.

It also revealed the huge Saudi deals that took place recently to strengthen its ranks, indicating that it is completely different from the last confrontation with Zamalek six years ago.

Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah: The summit of victory and the progress of Zamalek

Al-Madina newspaper topped the victory and the rise of Zamalek, noting that if the Saudi team wins or draws in today’s match, it can enter the quarter-finals.

Zamalek needs to beat the Saudis to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Arab Championship, and if there is a tie, the Saudi youth must lose to Ittihad Monastir to give their passes to the White Knights.